Our full bookkeeping services and accounting solutions can help business just like yours. Imagine having a team of accountants on staff to handle all your receipts, sales records, payrolls and government notices.  Let DTA take your worries away. We understand that small businesses owners need reliable bookkeepers that have the knowledge and tools to efficiently manage their books. DTA provides streamlined bookkeeping  services. With years of experience, our team of professional accountants and bookkeepers will ensure your monthly financial records are well maintained and up to date, while you receive accurate financial statements after month-end. We also rely on software such as Quickbooks Desktop, cloud-based QuickBooks Online to automate your accounting processes. With DTA, you can focus on growing your business without having to worry about your boo


  • Frees Up Valuable Time:  Stop spending your time on bookkeeping and accounting, use those precious hours to generate sales and make more money.
  • Helps You Run Your Business Better: Good bookkeepers and accounting service providers prepare financial reports, DTA teachs you how to read and use that information to help you make smart financial choices.
  • Helps You Find Profitability Pitfalls: DTA can tell you how to earn and keep more money in your pocket. Profit margins are important and we can help you figure those out.
  • Bookkeeping Is Not Easy: Contrary to the marketing campaigns of accounting software companies, bookkeeping is a skill that takes time and effort to learn.


Documents Submission
Submit to us copies of your receipts and invoices, and leave the rest up to us! We accept all documents via email and drop off at one of our locations.

Your Bookkeeping Team
Your bookkeeping team will start to reconcile your account transactions with your statements.

Questions & Clarifications
After month-end, we will follow up with you on outstanding transactions from the prior month. If there are unsupported transactions, we will ask you to explain these and provide support.

We will generate your financial statements as well as customized reports to provide unique financial insights that will enable you to better comprehend the financial complexities of your busines

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